Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good-bye July....Hello August!

July has just disappeared...poof...vanished!!! It went so fast and we were so busy, that I really didn't see it or realize it was almost over until DS's birthday was upon us, and we were stunned that we didn't even do any real birthday shopping for him. We did some scrambling the day before and got just what he wanted. I know we had a busy month, but the realization hit when we asked DS what he wanted to do on his birthday (he always wants to go somewhere!!) and he said he wanted to stay home and relax :)

Round-up is almost here!! The kids have some finishing touches to do on their projects, but for the most part they are done. The go Saturday to be judged, then we'll come home, pick up DD's luggage, and take her to summer camp. I'm praying that the weatherman is correct with the forecast of a change in the weather. Right now they are calling for low 80's which will make it a lovely change and nice weather for her to have a good time. It will also make it nice weather for DS to show "his" goats. He's actually showing his leader's goats, but he's had to take care of them, clip them, and spend time with them. He'll also be milking them while at the fair. He still needs to make a costume for one of the goats. His goat is in a costume contest and he has to wear something to compliment the goat's costume. I can't wait to see this one! :)

A small finish...

With all the running for 4H, I've had to carry portable projects, and I really don't find XS very portable. My carry-alongs are usually knit or crochet smalls. Socks and dishcloths are wonderful to stick in my bag. With that all said, my newest finish is a cute dishcloth I found at Dishcloth Boutique called Ballerina Dishcloth. I used size #10 thread and a size 7 hook. DD took one look at it and wanted this one to add to her hope chest, too. Hmmmm.... I think this girl had better learn to crochet - and soon, too! LOL

Yesterday started another mystery dishcloth at Monthly Dishcloths group. I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment. Yesterday also started a new sock for the Knitting on the Road KAL. The chosen sock is Unst, and I've got my yarn (Kroy 3 ply in Honeysuckle Rose), but want to finish DD's other footie before I start. I think I'll be needing to adjust the size on this sock, as it may be running a little small. I assume I'll have to go up a needle size or two, but then that gauge is a little looser than I'd like for the yarn I've chosen to use. I've never knitted from Nancy Bush's books before, so the one size sock (not in DD's size) is new to me. I'll be gleaning information from other knitters on what they've done. I could always just jump in and knit and rip if it isn't what I want. I'll probably end up doing that since that's the only way to learn. Right? :-)

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