Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Finishes

I have been absolutely horrible with posting on this blog. I had the bright idea to keep my needlework project separate from the rest of my life, as I'm sure when someone stops here, they want to see needlework and not hear about how my chickens stopped laying eggs or how many jars of canned goods I put up this fall. That is what my other blog is for. Well, I found that with more than one blog, one usually suffers, and that was this one. I'm going to make more of an effort to keep this one more up to date.

Iowa Cruise Socks by Carole Anderson of Cottage Creations. I knit these using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. This is one of my son’s favorite patterns for warm winter socks. I used some Kool-Aid dyed wool that I had done for the accent color. This is my 8th pair of socks that I’ve made from this pattern.
August Finishes

Captain Jack Sparrow from the CrossStitcher Issue 194. He was stitched on 28ct. white Monaco. using the recommended colors. Jack was a present for my daughter's birthday.
July Finishes

I know this really isn't a finish, but here's my BC Monthly Snappers. It shows my April and June completions. I'm now almost half way finished!

Scrappy Bathmat was a brain storm I had. I know it’s ugly, but it was needed and cheap to make :) I based it loosely on the rag rugs that my grandmother used to have all over the house.

There really is no pattern for this. I cast on 68 sts holding 2 strands together - 1 white and one of a scrap skein that was left over from making dishcloths. I just knit until it was the length I wanted, which ended up being 110 rows or 55 “bumps”. I throw this in the washer and then in the dryer. After coming out of the dryer, the rug measures 24 1/2 inches wide by 22” high.

Slippin' Stripin' Socks by Tina Lorin. Knit using Knit Picks Shadow in Jewels and Grape Jelly. These were the socks that knocked me out in Sock Madness2. After being knocked out, I set them aside to recuperate from all that "speed" knitting - only to let them sit for a lot longer than anticipated. This pattern produced a lovely pair of socks that are so cushy and wonderful to wear. I sent these to my aunt for Christmas and are knitted in her favorite colors.
June Finishes

"January Snows" The first in the Bent Creek Snappers monthly series. It was stitched on 32 ct. lambswool with the recommended GAST and WDW threads.

"March Blows" This is the 3rd in the Bent Creek Snappers monthly series. It was stitched on 32 ct. lambswool with the recommended GAST and WDW threads.
"I Love You More" by Sue Hillis. I made this for my husband for our 18th Anniversary. This was stitched on 28ct. Annabelle Antique White using the recommended DMC threads.
April Finishes

Moonlight Slipper Socks byDiane Soucy. These were knit using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Winter Night and Glow In the Dark Phospherent Nylon. I omitted the moon on the back, as it just didn't look good in the glow in the dark yarn. There just wasn't enough coverage to please me.
March Finishes

Zombi Socks by Sheryl Giles. These were knit using Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Colori 1000 in color number 486. This was the first pattern for Sock Madness2. I absolutely LOVE this pattern. It was such a fun stitch!!

Reversai Socks by Janine Le Cras. I used Patons Kroy 3 Ply in Blue Belle 330. These were knitted for round 2 of Sock Madness2. This was a lovely pattern to work with. I needed to make it smaller for narrow feet, so I knitted it at 9.5 sts. per inch. I moved on to round 3!
February Finishes

Rainbow Boucle Wrap by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. Knit using Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Boucle in Dark Blue.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Woodsman's Thick Socks. I usedWhite Buffalo Unspun in steel grey. I divided the strands in half - using three to obtain the required gauge. I used about a wheel to make a men’s size 13 socks with an 11” leg length.

Red, White, & Blue Socks. These were knit using Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Color 4-ply /4-f├Ądig in Nation Color 5356. I just used my own generic pattern for these.

In Like a Lion Dishcloth by Emily Jagos. This was knit using Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Peaches & Creme Solids in Cream.

Out Like a Lamb Dishcloth by Emily Jagos. This was knit using Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Peaches & Creme Solids in Cream.

Steaming Mug Dishcloth by Emily Jagos. Knit using Lily Sugar'n Cream Solid in Hot Blue.

Heart Illusion Dishcloth by Lauras Knits. Knit using Lily Sugar n' Cream Solid in Hot Pink & Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Peaches & Creme Solids in White.

Illusion Kitty Dishcloth by Drive-by Knitting. Knit using Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints in Midnight Magic and Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Peaches & Creme Solids in White.

Heartstrings Dishcloth by by Karen Twombly. Knit using Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints in Strawberry.

Valentine Cany Box Dishcloth by Susan Mrenna. This was the Feb. 2008 project for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group. This is photographed on the “purl” side since I thought this side showed off the design better. Knitted in Lily Sugar n' Cream Solid in Hot Pink.

Diamonds on Lace Cloth by Janet Nogle for the January 2008 Mid-Month Dishcloth KAL on yahoo groups. I used Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints in Violet Veil Ombre.

Gingerbread Man Dishcloth by Emily Jagos. I used Red Heart Ltd. 100% Cotton. This little guy was fun to make! Sadly, he wasn’t so easy to scan or photograph. The dark yarn wouldn’t cooperate. Definitely worth doing in the brown though - really cute in person.

Be My Dishcloth by Kristin Patay. Knitted in Lily Sugar n' Cream Solid in Hot Pink.

Kiss Dishcloth by Emily Jagos. I used Lily Sugar n' Cream Solid in Hot Pink.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Turkey - the Inexpensive Meat

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's home, but one of the things we always miss is no leftovers. My brother's grocery bill is gigantic next to what ours is when we make a dinner. They end up with so many leftovers that end up being thrown out, as they can't eat them all. Sadly - it seems like they aren't the only ones that do that. I've heard over and over on the list that people spend a huge amount of money on dinner, and then don't eat all the leftovers or give them away because they won't eat leftovers.

When we make a turkey dinner, we spend a minimal amount of money. We bought a turkey this year to have a "late" Thanksgiving dinner here. On Monday, I made turkey, stuffing, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, corn and cranberry sauce. The turkey was a little over 16 pounds and cost $4.41. The stuffing was in our pantry, since I keep it on hand for making frozen meat balls and chicken dinners. We buy it in bulk, and I can't remember how much we paid for it. We were given the potatoes from a friend's garden, plus we had our own garlic and corn. The cranberry sauce was homemade, and we purchased a big 3# bag of cranberries for under $5 at Sam's Club. I used between 1/4 and 1/3 of the bag plus one cup of sugar. Our dinner for the 4 of us cost under $10.

Tuesday, the guys took turkey & swiss on homemade rye bread for lunch when they went hunting. My daughter and I had turkey dinner for lunch - yummy!! While the guys were out, I made Turkey Carcass Soup and used everything we had on hand... a couple of pieces of celery, 2 1/2 onions, 3 carrots, 1 turnip, 2 mushrooms and 2/3 cup barley (or rice if we don't have barley on hand), plus some herbs and spices. I roasted the bones first, then cooked them for 3 hours in water and any broth that we had left over that we didn't use in the gravy the night before. The guys ate their fill and were very satisfied after a long day outside.

Yesterday, the guys took more turkey & swiss on rye and we had soup for lunch. We made Deep Dish Turkey Potpie for dinner - and we used 1 cup of cubed potatoes, 1 cup sliced carrots, 1 cup frozen peas, plus a white sauce flavored with chicken boullion and pepper. This was covered with a bisquick (or bisquick clone) dough and baked. No leftovers of that.

Today, we will have the rest of the turkey dinner for lunch and will probably finish off what is left of the turkey meat. That makes a total of 6 meals (plus snitching) from one $4.41 turkey. Usually I'll freeze the meat but the guys asked for all the turkey meals. Since we had different ways of serving the turkey, they don't get tired of it. My husband says he's sad we'll be finishing up the bird today. He would love a few more sandwiches out of it. Next time....

We have less than $20 out of pocket - including the turkey - for all 6 of the meals. That's less than 1/5th of what my brother had into the dinner they had for 9 people for one day. Sadly - they threw a lot of that out!