Friday, September 08, 2006

Playing Catch-up

I finally got my pictures that I offloaded from my camera resized. Now I can finally post them!! We have been so busy here with renovations, a new year of homeschooling, and back to real cooking again (now that the weather has cooled down). Tomatoes are finally coming in, so that means some canning in the near future. We are anxiously awaiting the for the popcorn to mature and give that a try. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will hold long enough. Never know about our frosts here. The valley here has its own agenda and refuses to listen to the USDA's average frost dates.

I'm posting a few of the projects I finshed and worked on last month. Since I unloaded the camera, I've filled it with quite a few more pictures that need offloaded and resized, so I should be posting them soon to catch up. I'll be posting the last parts of the class, a finished pair of the Maple Leaf Socks from the SAL, and a new start to the boot socks that my DH needs for hunting season. I'm sure there's another thing or two I've forgotten to mention, but can't think of it right now. Until then, I hope you enjoy these.....

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Nancy said...

Theresa, we miss you terribly on LaS. Are you coming back? Email me, huh??

Hugs!! Nancy :0)