Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Been A Long Road To Find My Way Back

We had a computer meltdown - it was slow and painful that ended with a crashed-and-burned hard drive. Data was lost and I had to start back from scratch. Why no back-up? Ahhh - I knew you would ask. Every time we tried to back up the pc, it would crash and we couldn't get our data onto a disk. We got some, but not enough of everything. So, everything had to be rebuilt, redone, and reinstalled on the new system.

One good thing - I now have a wonderful new PC - but everything still is not loaded in. Some things will never be found again, but that is life with a computer. I think the saddest part was I lost all my contact information with friends - emails aren't easy to get back and without a PC, one can't always call online friends because some important info is on the pc!

I didn't waste time though, I had my hands full here and it's amazing what one can get done when you aren't online. I still have tons to do, but things I've put on the back burner got started or better yet - finished. :-)

Our family life has changed, and I had to put a lot of things on the wayside - like my stitching because of it. Family must come first, but it's hard sometimes, as I want to stitch much more than I can. I don't have much for updates - in fact, not really anything at all except a this one that I had finished just before the meltdown. It's the second of the monthly series by Kats by Kelly (Calico Crossroads).

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by tweezle

It's great to be back!!!! I'm hoping that this time, my stay is for a long while :-)

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Kat said...

I'm sorry to hear about your computer!! I had that happen a few years ago and I still mourn some of the photos that were lost. It just happened so fast--less than 8 hours!!

I LOVE that cross stitch--if I do get back into it, I'd love to make up her cat designs. Great job!