Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Hang My Head in Shame

Yes, I hang my head in shame seeing how long it has been since my last posting. I've been tied to the kitchen and garden these past few months - which hasn't been a bad thing. The shelves are stocked with canned, frozen, and dried foods. Most have come from the garden or from our friends.

I have knitted a little during the past few months, but most of the time has gone into getting food put away and getting all set for winter. Finally, that is almost done, and now it's time to clean house and get things in order. I'm also finally getting a bit of time to work on cross stitch again, and it all feels so good. :) I feel like I'm finally accomplishing things in all areas of my life.

At my daughter's request, I made her another pair of footies, using Lynne H's "Mom's Fast Florida Footies" pattern. I modified it a bit by changing the purl stitches to knit on the bottom of the foot. I also modified the cuff some, making it a bit longer.

I made another pair of socks from Carole Anderson's "Iowa Crews/Cruise Socks" pattern for my DS. He likes a nice thick pair of socks for hunting..

I've also done a few dishcloths including a few that are test knit for Designs by Emily.

Currently on the needles, I'm working on a pair of Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Thick Woodsmen's Socks" using White Buffalo yarn. The yarn is quite amazing, and I so wish that it hadn't been discontinued. This is a yarn I'm sure I would have used a lot. (no pic yet)

Next, I have one of the socks done from Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend by Judy Alexander. It's from a past SOTM kit from The Knitter:

I also received some Regia yarn in Red White and Blue. It was another SOTM kit from the knitter. I didn't care for the pattern - so just knit it using my basic formula for socks. This one is for my DS. I'll soon be casting on the second sock.

For cross stitch - I'm making a lovely little Pomeranian for my DMIL. It's a cute design by Pam Kellogg called "Fluffy Puppy" and it came in a Bucilla kit that I won in a drawing. I'll post a pic of that soon.

Now that all the garden has been caught up, I should have enough time to both stitch and be able to update this blog on a more regular schedule. I certainly have missed doing both!

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