Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Sort of Confession With A Little Progress to Report

I  have been sorting my cross stitch and other crafts slowly over the past few months and it amazes me how many things I have in my to stitch pile as well as my WIPS pile. One of the things I wanted to focus on and finish last year was my Noah's Ark piece. It's nothing impressive but I found it cute when I bought it. I started it back in 2005 and picked it back up in 2006 and then it sat until last year.


As of today.

There are times I wonder why I keep plugging along on it. I don't have any small children or anyone that would really want it now, but it is something I need to finish. 

Do you have anything that you keep pulling out, putting a few stitches in and then putting it away again - and every time wondering why you keep plugging along on it?


Calicojoan said...

Oh, I love it!

tweezle said...

Thank you :)

Deb said...

Looks fabulous! Hope you can keep to it as very pretty.

Yes, I do have some things I have started and keep putting off. Still keep plugging away at them now and then. Don't want to throw out all the time invested. Especially one project I have on black linen. One of these days...

Anjalika Shikhawat said...

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