Friday, January 02, 2004


It's a new year, full of promise and hope. Yesterday I received the happy news that a friend of mine's husband is going to have a reversal done. She's so excited, as she's wanted a bigger family for a long time, and has prayed about it for years. Out of the blue, he questioned the children about what they'd think about siblings and said he was having the reversal! I'm so very, very happy for her.

To "ring" in the new year, I made two very silly items - just for fun: a New Year Bell Fridgie and a New Year Bell Potholder. The magnet took just a couple of minutes and the kids loved it. I did the potholder out of Sugar 'N Cream ww cotton.

Now a rant: Our change looks like it will be hitting a hard wall. I received a phone call from Farm Credit. I was so full of hope when I talked to the receptionist last week. So much for hopeful. The woman was far from friendly and she didn't sound like she wanted to deal with us at all. That is so confusing to me. We own our own home, we have no outstanding credit cards, we pay everything off at the end of the month, we own all of our vehicles and have a fair checking and savings account with what was told to us "pristine credit", and our home equity loan is almost paid off. So, what's the problem???? We have done everything the books say to do, but it's not enough for the lenders here. At this point, I'm at a total loss. It feels like we will be here for a very long time. I'm frustrated and feeling like all the sacrifice hasn't been worth it. We could have had so much more, but we spent the time paying off the bills, not digging in deeper. And there hasn't been any rewards as of yet. My cousin, on the other hand, has gone bankrupt, not paid many things and has owned 4 houses now plus always finds someone who has no problem lending them money with no down payment. The system rewards the irresponsible.

Enough grumbling. Won't get me anywhere, but sure feels good to write it down!

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