Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Busy! Busy! Busy!

That time of the year again, when harvesting, canning and freezing take over our lives. Now, I'm not complaining, mind you. I love to put things up and have some of that home made taste over the winter. Our garden wasn't very big, and went in late with everything going on with Dad. DS pretty much did all the gardening. He has truely been a blessing!

So far we've canned:
6 pints peach jam
3 pints spiced peach jam
8-1/2 pints barbequed hot peppers
7 pints pickled hot peppers
3 half-pints banana butter
7 pints stewed tomatoes

and frozen:
16 quarts of our own beans
7 quarts corn
10 quarts sweet Italian peppers

I have a ton more stuff on the porch waiting to be taken care of so it's back to the canner again today. I bought a bushel of hot Hungarian peppers and a bushel of sweet Italian peppers, so I'll be working on them today and making more BBQ'd hot peppers (YUMMM!!!) and pepper rings, plus some salsa.

Weight hasn't dropped much more - just a half pound, but it's still coming off. With that I'm pleased.

On the needles, I have a CIC sock, but I'm starting to worry I won't have enough to finish the second sock. Not sure what to do there, as I 'd hate to put another color on the foot of the second sock - think it would look silly. Trying to figure something out - but at the same time, would really hate to rip out that toe on the first one. Might have to to make them match somewhat.

Not much else going on here except getting ready for our long winter....

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