Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Last week was a great week! I hit my 30 pounds lost goal and passed it, put a lot of beans up for winter, dug some yummy fresh potatoes for dinner, worked on painting the house, and even finished my DD's "Grow With Me Afghan". I was a productive week with lots of odds 'n ends finally finshed. Now, just the ambition to throw out more clutter.

I received my Heels & Toes Gazette from Dawn Brocco. That is one awesome magazine! It has 4 beautiful sock patterns and a pattern for leg warmers that would be perfect for one who wears dresses or wide leg pants in the wintertime. I sure wish I could do the warmers in cashmere, but I had better think of learning how to spin - as that's the only way I'll ever get it! There's also a gorgeous pair of stranded socks that look like they could have come out of "Folk Socks" but they are worked from the cuff down, instead of toe up. That's a must do for me! They are awesome!! But then again, all Dawn's issues are nothing less than awesome!!! I have every one of her gazettes and some of her patterns, and and one day hope to have them all.

Well, Labor Day has come and gone, and it appears the hummingbirds went with it. I haven't seen any for the past couple of days. There may be a straggler or two left, but it appears the majority is gone. I always hate to see them leave, but I know they'll be back next year. Their migration blows my mind. Those tiny little birds go for more than a thousand miles, and then in April, make the treck back, and the wildest part is, I really think the same ones return. They fly to the exact spot where we hang the feeders looking for them even before we put them out. Yes, some years they appear early, and they were the ones that alerted me to realize they must be the same ones! I can't find my way out of a paper bag, and these little critters can come back to the same nesting spot?!!!

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