Monday, August 23, 2004


Here I am trying again to post to this possessed blog. UGH! I'm half tempted to never post again. Yah, right. What is it about these things that makes one have to post so that there's a chance that others may read it? Who in their right mind lets their diary sit out so that all can read their private thoughts? Yet, here we are doing the same thing. Is it because we aren't to be really ever seen face-to-face so it's safe, or are we secretly into wanting others to really know us?

Now that I've pondered the universe, I can now get on with my blogging. The last time I tried to post, I had a huge entry that disappeared when my connection was lost during mid-publishing. So, bear with me while I try to remember what I've been up to.

I broke my pattern diet with a couple of auction wins. They were just too good of a price to let go, and they are patterns I'll use. I am already using one: "Many Mittens" that is a pattern for two-needle mittens by Leisure Arts. I've finished my first one for DD using Bartlett Yarns Royal blue. Although it fits well in the hand, the thumb is too large in circumfrence and she doesn't like it. Sure, after I get it all done and woven in, then I hear the complaints. Not before when she could have, as we were trying it on through all the stages. I'm not sure how to fix it now - maybe just rip the thumb out and knit it again - but it's going to be so hard to find my woven ends as I do a good job getting them in so they won't come out - now I'd say too good of a job!

The other leaflets I received were "Jean Greenhowe's Bazaar Knits" and LA's "The Complete Book of Raglan Sweaters". I was thrilled about these wins - all totalled $3 with shipping! Now could I really have passed that up? Especially getting the Gean Greenhowe's book. I've been wanting one of them for a very long time. There are so many adorable patterns in it, and one that is especially cute is "The Cozy Family". They are a cute family of egg cozies - Mum, Dad, Boy, Girl and Baby (complete with pacifier/soother)!! Now I want MORE of her books!!!

Currently, I'm working between a CIC sock and getting ready to either start the new mitten or the big thumb. I keep telling DD that a large thumb might be good because the wool will felt as she plays in the snow. Think she'll buy that? LOL

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