Monday, August 16, 2004

Two Finishes!!

I finished 2 hats - both came out nicely. The first was the Adult Size Pumpkin Hat by Sarah Bradberry. My DD just loved how it came out. She has decided that it will be perfect for both halloween and Thanksgiving.

My second finish was Dot's Ponytail Hat pattern. I made it from Red Heart's Plus in French Blue. I used an "H" hook and got a gauge of 3dc = 1" and 2dc rows = 1". Since I made this for my 11yo, I added 4 rows of double crochet at rows 4-8. The rest of the pattern needed no alterations. My DD just loves it! She likes that it can be worn with or without a ponytail with the way Dot designed the frilly opening that allows the ponytail to come through. This is really a neat hat - THANKS DOT!

I've looked at the newest hat Dot has posted Sarah's Shells and that is another that has my DD's name written over it. Another must to make. First I have a pair of mittens to make for DD. I'm going to try a 2 needle pattern instead of my usual 4 needle one, and will be using a Royal Blue from Bartlett Yarns.

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