Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Little Finish

The day was so chilly yesterday, and leaves are falling like giant yellow and orange snowflakes, that it put me in the mood to want to stitch a fall design. Wouldn't you know - there was nothing on my WIP list that qualified for fall. So, I got to play in my stash a little and chose a small freebie design that would be both fast and fall-ish

This cute little freebie is from Waxing Moon Designs . I found I was missing 2 threads and the recommended button, so I substituted WDW Whiskey for the GAST Tarnished Gold, WDW Carrot for the GAST Pumpkin Patch, and the squirrel charm for the recommended Crow button. The design called for black for the binding on the shook, but I thought that too drastic with everything else being in the oranges/yellows/browns. I chose DMC 780 for it instead. You know, I love freebies. They are so small and I almost always substitute something on them. I have the "guts" to play with them, but not the larger designs. One of these days....

The kids will be staying at my brother's for the next couple of days. He needed some extra help there on the farm, and they love helping him out. They have to take their schoolwork with them and I hear lots of "OH MOM! Do we really have to?'s". Mom's so mean, isn't she?! LOL I'm hoping to get caught up on a few things here with them gone, and to have some "me" time during the day will be an unusual treat.

Now off to make sure the kids are packed with everything they will need - including school books...

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