Sunday, October 10, 2004

Two Finishes Today!

I'm down with a miserable cold, not wanting to do any housework. So while the kids and DH were out cutting wood, I sat watching movies and stitched my little heart out. It paid off with 2 finishes:

The first one that I finished was the Lynn Walters Busa "Little House Sampler".

Now I need to get to A.C. Moore's and pick up a frame for it.

The other is Lorri Birmingham's "Gardener Needleroll" kit.

I had a hard time finishing this one - it's been in progress for quite a long time. Not because it was hard, but because the bees were all French knots. UGH! The wings were also supposed to be done in white French knots, but I didn't want the wings white. Instead, I pulled out my Krenik 032 blending filament, and did a sort of padded satin stitch to make the wings irridescent.

Now off to the sewing machine to finish my needleroll and I also have a scissors fob that needs finished as well. I usually get a few things together to sew at once, as I hate getting the machine out just for one thing. Oh to have a craft room where things can be left set up!

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