Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's :-)

And the fool has decided to post! Thank you all for asking about my whereabouts - it was so very kind of you all, and felt good to be missed :-) It has been a long road to get back here. First, I had a few very tight modle deadlines to get done for Nashville, and then BAM! Everyone came down with the flu. It was a nice flu - the kind that hits the upper respiratory system - and none of that stomach stuff. For me, it turned into pneumonia and that was a long road back. As I get older, it seems to take more time to recover from this stuff. Man - what's it gonna be like when I'm "really old"! LOL

I've hung up the XS'ing for now. I was having the hardest time getting my last model done right. Seemed like every time I looked, I had missed one of the linen threads and went over one too far. Well, I came to a sad realization - the eyes are getting older, too, and I can't see so good up close any more. So a trip to the eye doctor is in order. First though, spring cleaning has to be done, and then at the end of the month, we are scheduled to have the final part of our home study done - the home visit. UGH! I look around the house and wonder if I'll ever be done in time. I keep finding more and more things that need/should be done. This is the final step of our process to be approved to adopt. Unfortunately, we haven't found a bigger house to move to - so the sibling group of 4 that we were originally looking at won't be a possibility at this point. However, our adoption specialist said let him have a look, and see what we can come up with for here. I can't say I'm hopeful, but if it's the Lord's will, we will find a way.

Since XS hasn't been much of a possiblity these days, when I'm really needing to wind down, I've been picking up the knitting needles and crochet hook. Who needs to see to knit or crochet? LOL Elizabeth Zimmermann says one can read a book or knit in the dark with no problem, so I'm going to believe her and practice :-) I finished DS's Weekend Sweater finally! All I had to do is the Kitchener Stitch under the arms, but I've been so intimidated by it, that I let the sweater sit for a LONG time. This morning, I dug out my tutorial, and went to town. The sweater is now out of my room and in the hands of it's rightful owner. YIPEE!!!

DD's sweater is close to being finished as well. I have the body and sleeves done, and still need to put it together and make the hood. It is turning out quite cute. The main body is pink with a purple/pink/white blend sleeves and pink cuffs, and the hood will be the same color as the sleeves.

The sleeves are made from the same dyelot, but for some reason, they look like they are different colors - maybe it's the lighting when I took the pic.

I found a bunch of acrylic yarn that really needed used up. I decided to crochet a rainbow afghan in one continous granny square. Well, I went to the attic to find the colors to make it, and OMG! that stuff up there was left alone in the dark and it multiplied much more than my wire hangers used to in the closet! Oh WOW! Where did it all come from?! Hmmmmmm..... And wouldn't you know it, I was still missing colors! LOL For me, this is not the typical afghan. It's BRIGHT and quite loud. Obnoxious almost, but still has been a really fun blanket to make.

Well - must get out to the garden and get the ground worked some. I have onions and peas to go in. Have a beautiful day!

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