Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The past few days were busy but filled with wonderful things: family, friends, great food, and much love and laughter. As much as I love the holidays, I am always glad when things come to a close so I can get back to a nice normal and boring life. A party person I am not.

Can you believe it? Not one piece of new XS stash for Mom for Christmas this year. Do you think that's a hint that I need to stitch some of what I have? LOL No complaints, though, as I got a lot of lovely and well thought out presents. One of the nicest things I got was some hand-made stitch markers for my knitting. DD made them all herself.

Actually, DD made all her presents this year. She miscalculated her time though, and didn't get all her knitting projects done, so she gave the WIPs with the promise of finishing them. She said as soon as they are done, she's starting her projects for next Christmas. Hmmmm - sounds like something I suggested she do this past year, but she was sure she had enough time. :)

I gave DS the Gettysburg kit from Dimensions that he really wanted. I thought that I would be stitching it, but he totally blew me away by telling me he wanted to do it himself. It's not a small piece by any means 12" x 14" on 18 ct. It really is a neat piece.

I got lucky, and found the CrossStitcher issue 194 at Borders. It has a sepia tone pattern of Captain Jack Sparrow in it, so I had to get it to stitch for DD. (That is, unless she, too, wants to stitch it herself.)

I did get a bit of time to stitch, even with all the activities, and am thrilled to post this WIP. A Mother's Work is almost finished. All that needs done is back stitching and some lettering - plus a few half stitches to do the bubbles. I'm hoping to be able to post a finish tomorrow.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the fold in the banding (where momma mouse is) will come out when it's washed and pressed. Folds and hoop marks are one of my biggest gripes about aida.


Dawn said...

The mice are too cute!

tweezle said...

Thank you so much! I'm having a great time stitching them. They seem to keep making me smile :)

Doris said...

beautiful gifts!
and the mouse is so cute!

Nancy said...

I'm stitching the Capt Jack Sparrow right now. I'm doing it on 25ct over 2 threads and it's turning out great!

Happy stitching on yours!