Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas was fantastic!!

We had Christmas here a little early - on the 23rd, because the kids love to go to my brother's house on Christmas eve and decorate the tree and then stay over night. We've done that for the last few years, because it makes it much nicer to stretch things out and enjoy family instead of cramming it all into one day. Everyone used to get cranky because they were tired. No more grumpy people :-)

This year, each child got exactly what they wanted. DD has wanted an American Doll for years, still wanting it this year - so we got it for her. When she opened the packaged she screamed and then cried. It was amazing!! DS got the larger Star Wars models he's been wanting and both children were told that the other part of their present was to go to winter camp (they've both really wanted to that as well). I also made DD "Johnny Depp as Captain Jack" and DS "Darth Vader"

My brother and his girlfriend went way overboard and bought the kids a bunch of stuff. Talk about being spoiled! :-) They had a great time and love every item they received!

As for me, well, I'm even more spoiled than the kids! :-) DD gave me a gold dragon treasure box that has a rose on it's side. DS gave me 2 snowmen refrigerator magnets and a Dimensions Creative Accents kit called Moonlight Play. DH gave me a House mouse tote filled with House mouse post-its, a house mouse 2006 calendar, 3 house mouse magnets, house mouse bookmarks, and 3 house mouse cross stitch kits, the Gloria & Pat Grab Box filled with so many goodies - 22 leaflets, 5 kits, 2 calendars (2005 & 2006), 5 kits, a pillow sham with a 9" square stitching area, large cut of 18ct. white aida, 7 cuts of linen, bunches of small frames, 4 buttons, 20 skeins of DMC and 6 skeins of Marlitte, and a thanksgiving Cherished Teddy completed model!!! Then he gave me a nice K's Creation Oak Lapstand, and a Daylight small clip on magnifier. PLUS.... a PDA to keep track of all my stash. See what I mean about being spoiled?!!! I've never got so much stash as gifts EVER!!

With all that being said, I hope everyone has as nice of a holiday as we did.

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