Thursday, December 22, 2005

Looking Forward To the New Year

It's time to start thinking about the new year as well as a time to reflect what has been good and what needs changing or improved this past year. I've done lots of lists - goals, wishes, improvments, etc. and even though they are long, I'll be thrilled if I can cross some of them off the end of next year.

My Work In Progress list didn't have many things crossed off at all, but I'm coming down to finishing a few big projects at the beginning of next year, so I did have a few accomplishments in that respect - a nice amount of work done on them this year.

Here's my cross stitch WIP list as it stands right now.....

Aragorn - 65%
Art Ventures – Old Sentinel
Breast Cancer fund – From the Heart Needle Roll
Cross Stitch Crazy (UK) – Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn – 70%
Cross Stitch & Country Crafts – North Woods Stocking
Crossed Wing Collection – Hummingbird Garden – 35%
Curtis Boehringer – Needlewoman’s Murder Mystery
Diane Arthurs – Happy Everything – 50%
DMC – The White Bindweed Fairy
Drawn Thread – Miniature Reversible Sampler
Hearts Delight – Noah’s Ark Kit
Hillside Samplings – Letter Snow! Letter Snow! Letter Snow!
House Mouse – Apple Seeds
Just Cross Stitch 2001 Ornament Issue – Cinnamon Bear 70%
Just Nan – First Stitches
Just Nan – Last Stitches
Kustom Krafts – 4 Horses of Apocalypse
Kustom Krafts – Fire & Ice
Lanarte – Romantic Picnic -
Lavender & Lace – Angel Sampler – 85%
Lavender & Lace – Celtic Spring
Leisure Arts – Bunnies Galore
Leisure Arts – Noah’s Ark Baby Afghan 50%
Magazine pull out – Hearts & Flowers
Marquoir Mystery Sampler – freebie SAL – 12%
New Stitches – Dimensions – A Bird For All Seasons
Pamela Kellogg – Cupid’s Garden Mystery SAL
Pamela Kellogg –Winterlude Kit – 40%
Pat Rogers – Hearts & Lace Sampler – 70%
Paula Vaughan - May
Pegasus – Pekingese – Dogs V. 4
The Silver Lining – Aymar’s Amber Rose – 30%
Stefani Martin – Covered Bridge Spring 70%
Sue Lentz – Grandmother’s Garden
Sue Lentz – Soft Terra Cotta Pillow
Super Mario Party
Sweetheart Tree – Jan. Needle Roll
Sweetheart Tree – Teenie Tweenies – Spring Has Sprung
Teresa Wentzler – Stretch
Teresa Wentzler – Under the Evergreen
Towel from Elyse
Wizzers – Birdhouse Wind chimes – 50%

I'm joining a group of ladies that have decided to stitch from their stash only. I won't say that will be the only thing I stitch from, as I'd like to do the Cat series from Kats by Kelly. I own the first two leaflets of , but will purchase the others as I finish them. The same goes for the Bent Creek Snapperland and Snapperville series. They aren't my focus thought. I'll be focusing on the list above.

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Stitch said...

Hi Tweezle! It's so nice to finally meet someone that has more than WIP!! Now I don't feel so alone! LOL

Merry Christmas!