Saturday, January 14, 2006

10 Hours In and Don't Want to Quit!

I've put my 10 hours in on Celtic Spring, and it was really hard to pull off the frame!! I scanned her and hurried up and packed her away before she could insist on being worked on again. She's turning into a joy to stitch. Here she is at a total of 28 hours:

I now have the sky stitched at the top and down the right hand side of Moonlit Play and most of the moon as well. Scans won't show the dark blue on the black background, so my next scan will have to be lightened to show it. Besides that, not much else to report on the stitching front.

DD was dropped off at Camp last night. She dumped everything onto an open bed, then ran back down and jumped in the middle of the group of girls and looked like she was having a great time. DH and I just stood amazed as we both commented that we would have been wall flowers in that situation. DS is the same way as DD. They are both quite self confident and join in with no prodding. I hope she has as much fun as DS did when he went!


Jenn said...

Your Celtic Summer is coming along nicely. I'm working on Celtic Summer right now. Keep up the good work.

Stitch said...

Oh she's looking lovely Tweezle! I know how you feel tho..I get that way with Happy Everything sometimes! LOL