Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not Much Stitching

Yesterday wasn't much of a day for stitching. I did get a little more done on they sky on Moonlit Play, but that's about it. Sadly - you really can't see any of the dark blue sky from the scan. It's above the dolphins and to the right of them.

And now about the house....

We went to see the house, and to say I was shocked was an understatement. Sadly the house has been basterdized for the hope of a good resale price. The kitchen, which was a grand kitchen at one time, is now apartment sized so that a 3/4 bath and laundry could be put in. Then there's a little "office" off the kitchen that isn't big enough for anything. It should have been where the bathroom was placed and the kitchen left alone. Here is this huge house with a 4 bedrooms - two that you could put an army in, and a kitchen that might fit 4 comfortably. And if you like to cook, forget it. There's no room to spread out and cook.

Upstairs is neat with a grand hall and open staircase, but they are redoing the bathroom over and putting a clawfoot tub in - but where the tub has been drawn out, I'm not sure if the door will close once it's in. The door has been removed, so we couldn't try it. Only one room has a closet (typical of old houses so that didn't bother us too much). I just don't know why the contractors did what they did. It really is a shame, because we'd really want to put it back to close the original way it was.

So now we think about it and see if it's really worth getting. sigh.... Another great old house ruined by chopping up rooms with no real planning. We've sure seen a lot of them in our house hunting.

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