Friday, February 13, 2004

Well, we made our trip out to the house and it's definitely not for us. The house sits in a big basin and says lots of drainage problems - plus there's no usable land to garden on. When I say no usable land, I mean there's nothing around the house and garage - just about enough to walk around it, and that's it. It makes me think of my mixing bowl - with trees. The house was interesting. It had ceilings that just cleared my 6' husband and that was both upstairs and downstairs. The kitchen was a galley that had the distance of just a couple of feet from one countertop to the other. I think if you opened the cupboard door, one could not be between the door and the cupboard directly across from it. It was travel trailer size - and I think even those have more room. The other rooms were very small, too. Not a place to put an expanding family. Ah, well. I'm sure they will find just the right person for it. Would be great for a hunting cabin.

After a long talk with our new buyer agent, we took the kids to Pizza Hut and then Walmart. Timed the trip to Wally World just right. DD had pretty much outgrown her clothes, and we were lucky enough to hit the end of season clearance! She basically got a whole new wardrobe - down to the undergarments and socks for $77! She's thrilled, and it sure didn't break my budget :-)

I finished up my Valentines Chocolate and just in time. I'm hoping to be able to get around to stuffing it and making it into a door hanger for Saturday.

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