Sunday, May 16, 2004

Fortune City was down for maintenance the last few days, so even though I had been writing to my blog, it wouldn't publish. Not sure if that was a good thing or not :-D Anyhow - we are back on track and "live".

I took some time yesterday to work on my newly adopted project - filling in the doll's hair and working a bit on the border. I decided to put this permanently on stretcher bars, so I could work on it daily for a while. Guess I'll deem this one as a focus project. I also started Shepherd's Bush "May" from their "A Year In Stitches" series. I picked a piece of True Colors Backgrounds in Chantilly instead of using the recommended Cherub Pink Linen. I'm not sure what I want to use for the butterfly button. I've got a bunch of different ones in stash, and I also just purchased a box of Sculpey clay to do my own buttons, so I might try getting more creative and doing my own butterfly instead.

I'm not sure how good the Sculpey clay is - as most of the people I know that make the buttons use the Primo brand. That was twice the price in the store - not sure why, but thought I would try this first, and see if it is satisfactory. If not, the kids will have something to play with while I purchase the other brand. I'm getting tire of spending a couple of bucks on each button when it only uses a few cents worth of clay. Granted they are cute and someone has to be paid for their work, but if I can do the same thing myself, so much the better, as I can use that saved $ on more gorgeous threads.

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