Sunday, May 23, 2004

I finally figured out how to post the pictures. I tried yesterday w/o success, and discovered why. I was under the impression that there would be a host for my pictures, but instead, they are uploaded to Fortune City - and of course, Fortune City was down yesterday... So no successful uploads. The case of the missing pictures is solved! So - you will find them at the end of this post.

I took some time today to sort and list my flosses - matching up my charts with the threads I have in stash. I have another huge list of supplies to order from Needlecraft Corner someday soon. I love playing with all the wonderful specialty threads and fabrics. Speaking of fabrics, Silkweaver has a 3 day sale going on. I ordered a hand-dyed piece that I hope will work for one of the space designs that I have to make for DH.

I'm stitching "Party Mario" for DD's birthday. I'm doing it on Silkweaver's hand-dyed Opalescence in skye. Those shiny threads make it a little more difficult to stitch on, but I think it will be really neat when done. So far, all I have is Mario's hand stitched. I'm not pushing hard, as I have till mid-August to finish it.

Today, I decided to do something for me, so I started Indigo Rose's freebie "Four Little Lady Bugs". I'm done with 3 of the four "legs" of the design that separates the bugs. Pretty neat! I wasn't sure I'd like the golden yellow that is used for the "legs", but now, I think it will look OK.

I love freebies - if you haven't noticed. I'm on my 50th freebie (that's if I haven't forgotten to count any - LOL) I enjoy changing threads or using the new ones in the freebies - it helps me decide if I really want to go to the expense of buying a large pattern and using all the specialty threads/beads/charms that many of them call for. I also like to substitute things for them - and if they don't come out great, well, I really haven't lost a whole lot of time or money. They also make nice small gifts and ornaments. Yup - freebies are the best thing since buttered toast!!

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