Thursday, January 03, 2008

Coming Close to the End...

I can't believe that I'm almost through my 50 project commitment. Only 3 more to go, and I'm finished. So, how will I reward myself? By jumping on the Abstinence Wagon for a year. For my exception, I claimed this year's JCS Ornament issue. I love those issues - not because of the designs, but because of the little write-ups about the designers. I just love the stories and the recipes. The ornaments are just a nice little addition to the magazine :)

I'm going through things and getting all my junk organized. Lo and behold, guess what I come across? Another WIP! Well, that brings the total back up to 41. Here I was all excited about getting down to 40 - the lowest it's been in years. LOL The piece is really nice, and I'm so happy I found it (yes, I had forgotten about it!) It's called "Dinner Call" by Dawna Barton. It's being stitched on 22 ct. white using one thread.

DS started "Gettysburg" and he's doing a really nice job. I'm still stunned that he'd want to do it himself instead of handing it off to me. No complaints here, though! :)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on just 3 more! I thought about doing it myself, but it's too intimidating! LOL