Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's 2008!

So begins another year. A new year brings a new start, and a new list of achievements, hopes and dreams. Each year, we all make a list of what things we'd like to do and check things off as we go along. Then at the end of the year, we don't look at the things we didn't do, but all the things we did. This method really appeals to the kids, and they make more goals and try harder to achieve them.

With new lists, comes new projects and commitments. So, I'm posting my first focus piece of the year. This piece was started years ago, and after it was started, the person that it was to be stitched for, decided they didn't want it. It went in the WIP box because I was just too frustrated to finish it. It came back out a couple of days ago, and I decided to make this my first finish of the year. This piece is designed by Lorri Birmingham and is from the LA book Bunnies Galore. Unfortunately, there is no title listed for it.

Coming Clean...

It is that time of year where I look at things to make changes. One of my biggest areas of excessiveness is my stash. The next is my WIP list. There - I said it. No taking it back now :) My WIP list is long - way too long (but is shorter than last year! LOL)

2008 WIPS

Cross - Stitch
Art Ventures – Old Sentinel - 15%
Bent Creek - Snappers (12 w/border) - 2 completed
Breast Cancer fund – From the Heart Needle Roll – 80%
Carriage House Samplings - The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - 5%
Cross Stitch & Country Crafts – North Woods Stocking - 20%
Crossed Wing Collection – Hummingbird Garden – 35%
Curtis Boehringer – Needlewoman’s Murder Mystery
Diane Arthurs – Happy Everything – 60%
DMC – The White Bindweed Fairy - 15%
Dimensions - A Bird For All Seasons - 5%
Dimensions – Wolf Portrait – 10%
Drawn Thread – Miniature Reversible Sampler
Drawn Thread - Winter Spot - 5%
French Calendar free weekly - 23 of 52 finished
Hearts Delight – Noah’s Ark Kit - 50%
Just Cross Stitch 2001 Ornament Issue – Cinnamon Bear 70%
Just Nan – First Stitches - 10%
Just Nan – Last Stitches - 10%
Kustom Krafts – 4 Horses of Apocalypse - 5%
Kustom Krafts – Fire & Ice - 15%
Kustom Krafts – Sofa Cat – 5%
Lanarte – Romantic Picnic - 15%
Lavender & Lace – Celtic Spring - 35%
Leisure Arts – Bunnies Galore - 65%
Leisure Arts – Noah’s Ark Baby Afghan 50%
Magazine pull out – Hearts & Flowers - 5%
Marquoir Mystery Sampler – freebie SAL – 3 of 9 finished
Marty Bell - Hideaway Cottage - 5%
Pamela Kellogg – Cupid’s Garden Mystery SAL - 15%
Pat Rogers – Hearts & Lace Sampler – 70%
Paula Vaughan – May - 5%
Pegasus – Pekingese – Dogs V. 4
The Silver Lining – Aymar’s Amber Rose – 30%
SMO – Blooms - 15%
Sue Lentz – Grandmother’s Garden - 15%
Sue Lentz – Soft Terra Cotta Pillow - 15%
Sweetheart Tree – Jan. Needle Roll (needs some frogging) - 5%
Sweetheart Tree – Teenie Tweenies – Spring Has Sprung - 20%
Teresa Wentzler – Stretch - 15%
Teresa Wentzler – Under the Evergreen - 15%
Vermillion Stitchery - The Holy Family - 15%

EZ Thick Woodmen's Socks - 50%
Red, White & Blue Socks 50%
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Socks 50%
Drop Stitch Shawl 75%

Granny Square Afghan (using scraps)

Yo-Yo Quilt
Scrap Quilt
(these will be in progress a long time because I'm using just scraps from other projects or pieces of clothing)

As you see, I could work all year with never having to purchase another piece of stash - except for an occasional skein of floss or pack of beads I may have missed. If I did finish everything on my XS list, I'd be able to easily start some new pieces from my kitted stash. Shameful, isn't it?

Well, this year I'm going to put my nose to the grindstone and not buy any new stash, and limit my starts to only things I am making for others for gifts. I'm climbing onto the abstinence wagon again.

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