Friday, January 30, 2009

Wolf Portrait Updated and a Few OT Comments

I am slowly working on this. It's been quite hard with the black Damask. I wish I hadn't switched out the aida, but it's gone and used on something else. The Damask has that shine to it, and the holes aren't as defined as the aida. I had though the shine would look really nice, and although it does, it's not the most fun thing to work with. I had purchased the material on sale, so I still have quite a lot on hand. I'll use it, but not all at once! :)

Non-Needlework Comment....

(I'm posting the above warning in case you are just here for the needlework, and not my opinions.) I listen to Good Morning America every morning and I'm totally astonished with the tips they give to survive the economy. They tell things like, "eat at home", "don't buy just because it's on sale", "don't use your ATM machine all the time", etc. Are Americans that stupid that they can't figure out for themselves that instead of eating out, that a good homemade meal would be cheaper? If you don't need it, don't buy it? I mean, seriously.... why would anyone NEED to be told these things?!!! Maybe with the soaring economy, common sense was lost as well. I keep watching these reports and shaking my head thinking, "Wow! We've been doing this stuff for years." If I don't have the money, I don't buy it. If I don't have the money, we don't eat out, but plan ahead. Don't want to cook tonight? Crock pot it or cook extra on the weekend and freeze it and have home made convenience food.

This morning I about choked when I heard that a family making $90K wasn't doing well. They really needed to cut back, but NEEDED to be told these things. I sure wish we had an income like that! We'd be able to put half of that income in a bank account every year and still live well (by my standards at least!)

Does that mean we are doing without? Heck no! Do we have a lot of debt? Heck no!! When we were married 18 years ago, our income was well under $20K. We had school loans and all the other loans that everyone gets when they get married. We slowly dug out from them all. So when someone says they can't, my answer is... oh yes you can!!!

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