Sunday, December 12, 2004

Two Finishes Yesterday.... Need your feedback

Even with DH staying up and cutting into my stitching time, I still finished Bluebird with time to spare. Last night he was watching to see what I was stitching, but when I didn't appear to be doing something worthwhile, he went off to the other side of the living room to work on bills. He kept glancing though, and watching to see what I was working on. Yup - he knows. :-)

And here is my little bird with 'tude:

I would like some feedback on something if you have the time. I followed the instructions on where to center the words, and it said to center them in the center. That's what I did, and to me, they look "off" - too far to the left. So I move them more towards the middle of the stump? I know the center takes in account for the bird wing and the grass - but it just looks lopsided to me - because the bulk of the design is off center. Now, I know sometimes it's just me... But I'd love another opinion or two.

My second finish was a small one. Had to work on something while DH was watching me. Here's Dragon Dreams' Christmyth Pegasus. I'll finish it into an ornament to give for my brother's tree.

It's stitched on 28 ct. Bridal White Alma. I did a slight change to it. I used 1 strand of Rainbow Gallery's Whisper W88 on the stocking's cuff. It made it nice and fuzzy and looks more like my brother's stocking when we were little kids.

My thread order that I needed to do the designs I picked to work on in January came yesterday from Needlecraft Corner . While I was at it, I ordered a couple of extra so that I could work on the Trilogy's "Winter Spots" if I had some time. Since Bluebird was done quicker than I had expected, I started it last night. I didn't have any 32 ct. Summer Khaki Belfast in my stash, so I'm doing it on 32 ct. Parchment Jobelan. I toyed with the 1-over-1, but chickened out and did my normal over 2 stitching. The smallest I've done over one is 25 ct. and now is not the time to attempt anything smaller. I'm in need of a new eyeglass prescription, so maybe after that :-)

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