Saturday, December 09, 2006

Stitching Away...

Today's the last day of deer season, so my nice leisurely Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays will be no more. Bummer. I was really enjoying sitting and stitching with DD and watching movies.

I put almost 5 hours into "Celtic Spring". I still have part of the swirl on the bottom of the robe to do yet, but have moved on to the gown. It is turning out so nicely (IMHO) . I'm enjoying the stitching on this one as well as Vermillion's "The Holy Family". Each of these will be hard to put away to stitch on the other. I may just end up with 2 focus pieces. :)

Dragon Dream's "Winter" is all done except for a few snowflakes. I'm not enjoying them for some reason. Maybe it's the double strand of RG that I'm using in place of the Kreinik 032. It's feeling like a chore, so I'm just doing a snowflake or two, then moving on to something else.

Artecy's Autumn Kitten has hit it's half way point. I honestly can't believe it's taking so long to stitch. I guess between the confetti stitches and working on it so late at night (causing that dang ol' frog to visit!) is the problem. After seeing how he looks now, I'm quite pleased. I've never done an Artecy pattern before - even though I've been a member for a while. They've always intimidated me.
Now, off to get a little more stitching done before I have to make dinner.

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