Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Update on my Dad - Thank you!!!

I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and well wishes for my father. They worked! His biopsy came back ok and they operated on him yesterday. They took out the growth and the dr. said it looks like it may have been precancerous. It was sent to the lab to check to make sure, but he's pretty positive there won't be any cancer treatments required. YEAH!!! They did a reconstruction on his bowel, and he won't need a bag. The first thing Dad asked was what they did to him. He was so worried that was the route they would have to take. Now he will be in the hospital another week or so to heal. Again, thank you all for your warm thoughts and prayers.

19 Days Until Christmas

Time is going so quickly! Luckily, most of the presents are purchased and just last minute little things will need to be picked up - as I'm sure I've forgotten something. I started a bookmark for DD. It's called Autumn Kitten by Artecy, but I'm not nearly as close to being finished as I want to be. I can only work on it at night after she goes to bed, and she's been up later than normal working on her literature assignments plus she's been worried about Dad. So when she finally is in bed, I can pull out the bookmark, but by then I'm beat, making for some rough nights of stitching - and usually frogging. I was so drawn to this, as it looks just like our Frisky that died this fall.

Patterns Online is having a sale this month. They are offering select winter and Christmas patterns at 15% off. I had 3 in my wishlist (well, actually more) that qualified, so they found their way to their new home on my PC. I purchased Dragon Dreams "Winter" (an exclusive for PO), Cecilia Votta's "Merry Christmas" and Sudberry House's "Snow Globes". I've been working on "Winter" and have the dragon finished except for a little bit of back stitching. I still have the wording and the snowflakes to go, but he'll soon be done. He is turning out really cute! I should be posting a picture of it soon.

Miniature Chefs

The guys were out hunting on Monday, so DD was home alone with me all day. She scooted me out of the kitchen and wouldn't let me near it. That little sweetie decided to surprise me and bake my favorite cookies - Chocolate Crinkles!! She received lots of rave reviews, not only from me, but from the guys when they got home.

The kids both can cook and bake very well. At ages 13 and 15, they usually astonish everyone when they show up with dishes to pass at the holiday events or family reunions. DS loves to bake cheesecakes - NY style and my grandmother's are his favorites. DD is a cookie and cake person. This Thanksgiving, we were invited to my brother's, and he invited some of his friends. DS make a NY Style cheesecake and some Oatmeal Scotchie cookies, and DD made a green bean casserole, a mayo cake with cooked fudge frosting, and butter brickle cookies to take. The looks on the guests faces when they found out that the dessert was made by the kids - and then to find out it was all from scratch?!!! AHHH... Astonishment would be way too mild. I'm pretty sure the astonishment because they were expected to eat it :-) The guests were reluctant to take any - but when they did, they came back for more, even after the huge dinner. And the kids, well, they love it. They love the reactions that they get, and the praises are very appreciated as well. LOL

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