Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Year Started

We've been getting back on track since the kids and DH got back. We've started our new year of homeschooling - making this the 10th year we've been doing it. Can't believe it's been that long.

DD has been attending VBS this week. She's been having so much fun. DS usually goes, but this year he wasn't interested. I won't make him do something he doesn't want to do, so I'm not pushing. Guess he's just being a teen and learning he has options :-) Of course, DD thinks her brother is nuts for not wanting to go, but as she says "He's a teenager!" and leaves it at that.

Tomorrow night is their closing program. Each class puts on a skit and then there's a time to show off all their crafts after the program. Everyone will go back to the church annex and have refreshments and pick up their child's work.

I'm looking forward to this year of school. DS, who is in 9th grade this year, will be taking Biology, Early World History, and Algebra 2, Latin, and Critical Thinking, Art History, plus the other normal classes. DD who is in 7th grade, will also be doing Early World History, Pre-Algebra, General Science, Latin, Critical Thinking, a Thomas Kincade Drawing course, and other normal classes. So for those that think homeschooling is a bunch of sit around an goof off all day - let me tell you - it's a lot of work! The state here requires the children to be tested in grades 3, 5 and 8 to make sure they are on target. DS tested off the charts on many of the things. He was at college level on most, and a few things a little lower. His average ended up being 12th grade 5th month. Not bad for an 8th grade student. It pleased me to see those grades, because it lets me know we are giving them a decent education.

I've had a little time to work on :Covered Bridge Spring". Here's my progress:

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