Monday, July 18, 2005

Who Turned the Heat On?!

Oh man! I swear it feels like someone turned the heat on. It's 97 degrees and so humid that it's actually hard to breathe today. I don't know what happened to the 85 we were supposed to get - but I sure hope it hurries up and finds it's way back here. Now I wish I'd have put an air conditioner in. This summer has been unusually hot.

I did get to do 4 more inches on the hood last night, but didn't want to touch the sweater today. Actually, with this heat, I didn't want to touch anything. DH called and offered to bring supper home tonight, so he should be here any time with a pizza. The kids are going to love that, as they are pizzia fiends.

My brother called sick this morning, and said he wouldn't be able to make Dad's doctor appt. I figured he wouldn't, as he wasn't doing well yesterday, so I was prepared and ready to go. I called the nursing home to let them know that I'd meet them at the Dr's office, and the woman I spoke to was confused. She said Dad didn't have an appt. today. I said that was funny because I received a postcard that said he was going this morning. Well, she didn't know what happened and would call me back. Fifteen minutes later, she called and said they put the wrong date on the card - it was August 18th and not July! Imagine if we hadn't called and just went down. We'd have traveled 45 miles one way for nothing. No harm done tho, because I called first. Phew....

The part for the fridge arrived today!! YIPEE!!! Now we should be able to go back to normal and have our food chilled the way it should be. Life is good! :-)

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