Monday, July 25, 2005

Great Mail Day - Moebius Neck Ring Success

A huge THANK YOU!!! to Lynne for sending me the much wanted Christmas Stitchin' leaflet from Leisure Arts. I have wanted that leaflet for such a long time. I had it years ago, and made a few things for my Mom out of it, and it went missing when I moved to get married. I went out to the mailbox this morning, and there it was - all the way from Australia!!! Also inside the package was a lovely postcard. Lynne had read my "wish" on one of the BB's and she RAOK'd me and sent it to me! What a total SWEETHEART! Thank you!!

Yes!! Two successes in one day - can it get any better than this?!! First, I finally got a picture of the white goldfinch near a yellow one, but that yellow one wanted to leave before I snapped his picture. He almost made it! :-) Ahhhh, but I got that little bugger.

We have been enjoying the birds so much this year. They've been so plentiful and just such a joy to watch. We keep learning and seeing new things all the time. Since the kids did their unit study on birds this past school year, we've become so much more aware of them and their habits. They are quite interesting little creatures!

My next success was finally getting the Moebius neck ring cast on. I was making it so much harder than it was. Kat clarified what I needed to know, and now I'm off and running. It's a pretty pattern, and I'm making it in a pale yellow using Plymouth Galway. Kat's directions called for Brown Sheep, but I couldn't find any colors that I liked or were neutral, so I came home and dug through my stash to find something that would work with my wardrobe. This is going to be for me - you hear that DD? You're not getting this one! :-)

Yesterday was a busy crafting day for all of us. DS picked out a fleece Star Wars panel last week and he made a blanket (actually more like a throw) out of it. He also got a couple of Star Wars pillow panels and made a pillow for his bed. He's talking about getting more fleece to make more blankets and all kinds of cool things for his room. I think I turned him into a monster when I taught him how to sew! DD started her jeans quilt. We spent a few hours cutting out squares of fleece and from the jeans. Then she sewed some together. She has a nice start - with it about the size of a baby blanket right now. I'll have to put her off working on it a couple of days, as it's supposed to get unbearably hot again the next few days. Oh, to have central air.....


Susie said...

What an awesome picture of the birds! I love it!

the stitchery

Robbyn said...

Oh I'm jealous of your goldfinches - they're so beautiful :) We've been haveing a great bird year here too. I could sit by the kitchen window and watch them for hours. This afternoon we saw a mother blue jay with two half-grown youngsters following her around. Apparently she was showing them where the feeder was! LOL!