Thursday, August 04, 2005

Model Stitching Again

Last week Sue Hillis contacted me to stitch up one of her designs. It is rather a large one and quite solidly stitched, and needs to be finished by the end of next week. So, for the past week, I have been stitching my little heart out, and am confident I will be able to meet her deadline. I really enjoy stitching for Sue. She responds quickly to emails, and is a genuinely nice person. I love her designs, and really enjoy the challenge of a tight stitching schedule. Mind you, I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but a few times a year is fun. It gives me a couple of weeks to me - able to stitch a lot and enjoy movies, and not be interrupted. Life can't get much better than this, and imagine - I'm being paid to stitch and watch tv! LOL

With this tight schedule, I won't be able to be online much, so things will sit quiet here until I get the model done.

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