Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Model is finished - back to normal life....

The model for Sue is finished and I took it down to our LNS yesterday to have it framed. It took me exactly 2 weeks to stitch.

This lovely piece is called "Santa's Wardrobe" and should the leaflet should be available in your LNS right now or you can order it straight from Sue's website.

It was a real treat to go to the LNS yesterday. Our shop owner is none other than Maeann Bush of BushMountain Designs and she is so much fun to talk with. I also took in my brother's Camaro that I did a while ago, to get a quote on how much it would be to frame it. Let me tell you - I was very pleased on not only the quote, but the quality of framing that they do there. This is a place that I really won't mind handing over my hard earned $ to get something special framed at!!

Ohhhh! And all the lovely leaflets that Maeann carries. She even handles Heritage Stitchcraft and Chatelaine Designs! Something I haven't seen anyone around here handle. What a treat it was to see these leaflets. :-)

She also has Teresa Wentzler's models - owned by TW herself. Just gorgeous!!! Which leads me to the nicest treat of all.... Teresa showed up at the shop while Maeann and I were chatting. You know, I don't think she has changed one bit since I first met her like 20 years ago. She is always so nice and not the "professional nice", but a truely genuine nice. Fame has not gone to her head!

So, with all my obligation stitching behind me, I took the evening to sit with the kids, eat ice cream and watch a movie. Then, when they went to bed, I got the Moebius Neck Ring out and worked on that more. I finished the neck ring and am now ready to move onto the eyelet edging. Can't wait to start that! It's such a soft yellow color, and I'm anxious to see what it's going to look like done and on. :-)

Speaking of yarn, I wanted to trip to the LYS and take up a yarn my dear friend sent me that she got from her late grandmother's stash. It's a lovely Mohair and I wanted to see what suggestions and patterns were available for it. I wanted to make something special to send back to her made out of it. So, after I left Maeann's shop, I took a trip up the road to what used to be my LYS. Notice I said USED to be. It's GONE! The shop hours are still posted but no note saying "we've moved to...." WAAAAAHHH!!! No more fondling the yarns, smelling the wonderful wools, looking at new patterns.... no more touching and dreaming of what that yarn would feel like. I'm so disappointed. Looks like I'll be back to ordering on the net for things again. It's so hard for me to do that, as I need to feel the yarn. Ah well.

Now I still have this yarn with no real idea of what to do with it. I've never used mohair before so I don't know if I should be using another yarn with it - or use it alone. The worst part is, there is no real information on the labels like yardage, needles, gauge, etc., so I'm really at a loss (more than usual!!)

What I do know is, it's Italian Mohair made in Italy, and each ball contains 40 grams. It has the Sears Roebuck and Co. logo on it, a color and dyelot # plus washing instructions. I have a total of 4 full skeins and one partial. Any help, suggestions, or comments would be grately appreciated!! I would love to send my dear friend this back made into something she would be able to use and remember her grandmother by. She is just the type of person to love a gift like that.

Well off to do some of the little things I've put off for the last two weeks.

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