Friday, August 12, 2005

Multidirectional Scarf Started!!!!

And boy am I in love! I've stayed away from this technique way too long. It intimidated me, as I thought it would be too hard and too complicated for my little brain to comprehend in the late evening hours after the children went to bed. Sigh.... Silly me!!!

I'm doing the scarf in a Wool-Ease in the color Wood. I only had 2 triangles done, and DD insisted that she was getting this scarf. And while I was at it, I really should make socks to match it. It would look so "cool" she exclaimed. :-) I haven't decide what is better - learning a new technique or having my work claimed before I even really started!!

One thing for sure, my next book order is going to contain Iris's Modular Knits. I can't wait to start trying my hand at other things now. Ohhhh, I can see this becoming a sickness.......

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