Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Multidirectional Scarf is finished!

The multidirectional scarf is finished and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I'm posting multiple pictures because DD loves to wear her scarves different ways. Wished I knew the different ways when I was young. I think I would have worn the scarves I had a lot more. But then again, they weren't as neat as the ones that we are able to make now! All the unusual yarns and all the cool patterns that I never ever seen younger. Oh to be youn again! LOL!!

We went to JoAnn's yesterday to see if we could find different yarns to make the ZigZag scarf that I got from Iris's group, but sadly, there really wasn't anything there that interested either DD or me. There were lots of flashy and frilly things, but nothing wool or nothing that really spoke to us. DD insisted on getting the same color Wool-Ease again, for her other scarf. She says she really likes the color, it's soft and doesn't itch.

I also bought one of JoAnn's exclusive Rainbow Boucle Sensations in the dark blue. I had a 40% off coupon, and wanted to try it to see if it might just work for the 3-2 blouse pattern I got from Jackie E-S. It is interesting and soft - and I'm going to try a swatch of it today. If it doesn't work for that, I'm sure I can find some other use for it.

I really need to find a LYS - hopefully there is something close. Sad that the one that I frequented is now gone. If I can't find anything, I'll just have to try ordering all my yarns online again. I had some great successes and some great disappointments when buying without seeing in person or being able to touch.

Speaking of buying without touching, I placed an order through Dawn Brocco for her Garden Yarns. I've heard a lot about how nice the Targhee wool is and her colors are drop dead gorgeous - so I broke down and ordered 2 yanks of Cyclamen Pink. I also bought the pattern for the Simply Lovely Beaded Hat and Scarf that is also on the same page as the Garden Yarns. The hat is just gorgeous in the Pink! Dawn is also supplies such good support for her patterns and answers questions quickly and very detailed. I have ordered a few patterns, wool and the Heels & Toes Gazette. I really miss not getting those issues. I have the whole set and treasure each issue! They are full of information, and have such lovely patterns in them.

We have finally gotten a break from the heat!! YEAH! Today we are getting a nice slow and steady rain. Our garden needed it so badly. And I needed the break from the heat as well. With no air conditioning, it was greatly felt this year. Usually our summers are not as hot as this - we are tied with the all-time record of days at or above 90 degrees. It appears that not only I am enjoying the nice weather change - so is our oldest cat. You can see she is sitting and waiting for dinner to show up. Being old, fat and very lazy, dinner could show up, but she wouldn't take the energy to move to get it. That bird would have to hop into her mouth for her to move!! LOL

In her day she was the best hunter one could ever imagine. She came to us as a kitten when her owners moved, and left her behind. She wandered over here and was quite the wild beast. She was never really tamed down - always had a wild streak in her and never liked being in the house much. We tried, but she much rather stay out unless it was cold. Then she'd want in almost all the time - but only as she got older.

Now as an old gal, she has mellowed a LOT in her old age. She actually loves people to pay attention to her and will even initiate contact. She's turned into quite a loving cat.

We've ended up with yet another stray kitten. This one was a real farrel kitten - and I've got the toothmarks to show for it! That little bugger sunk his teeth right into my index finger and ran like a bat. That was over a week ago, and now he's calmed down some and we can actually pet him - but only on his own terms. We are trying to get him calm enough to get him to a vet and have him checked over. He seems to have a cold - and something is wrong with his back, but can't check him yet - not that friendly. We've been trying to find the owner, but so far, no luck.

I picked up my new glasses yesterday. I was less than thrilled with the choices of frames and they weren't categorized in male/female - but you had to try them on to see if they fit. Some were huge, but certainly didn't look male to me. It was a real pain, and I finally had DH and the kids help me choose - as I went through the whole store and couldn't find anything that I really liked. After being about $300 lighter, I put the glasses on and told them there was definately something wrong with them. Things looked - weird and wavy. This of course after I had ended up not being able to wear contacts because of an allergy. While DH was talking to me about it, the girls were just off to the side discussing what a PIA I was and complained about everything. The girl came back and said it was normal and I needed to get used to them. Hey - my eyes aren't that bad - and I've never had a problem before. They wouldn't look at them but told me it wasll basically all in my head. Well, ok, I'll try them for the couple of days they say I needed to.

So I left the store and had absolutely no depth perception - things were really weird and I got so sick to my stomach. I finally took the glasses off and found that when they cleaned them they were so smeary, and I had to wear them that way till I got home - as I had no way to clean them. So I get here and clean them, but that really didn't help. I only take a drop of dish soap and hot water and don't even use a cloth to dry them, so I know they are clean and clear. I went to bed early last night with a nice amount of eyestrain and a headache. This morning I put them on, and found the same problem again, so I washed them and really looked at them in the daylight. That's when I found the interesting pattern on the lens. It lookes like someone took an extremely fine sandpaper and rubbed at an angle and circular motion all over the middle of the lens. It is horrible, and no wonder things were distorted. Called them this morning, and they are ordering another pair of lenses for me. (all in my head, eh?!)

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