Friday, August 12, 2005

Moebius Neck Ring is finished!!

A huge thank you to Kat for allowing me to test her pattern for her Moebius Neck Ring!! It came out lovely! I have never done a moebius before, but it has been on my to-do list, and when she posted for test knitters, I jumped at the chance. I'm so very, very glad I did!!

I didn't have the Wool-ease that she used in her pattern, so I substituted Plymouth Galway in a beautiful soft yellow Color #88 (the picture shows it darker than it really is) and a size 9 needle. It was an easy and quick knit once I figured out the beginning, and it seemed that the lace edging took about as long as the rest of the ring! Maybe it was because I was so anxious to get it done and off the needles to try it on. LOL

One thing I really liked about this neck ring was the fact that it wasn't so very loose. I've seen so many that hang like cowls, and when they're not up over your head, they don't look like they'd serve the purpose of keeing one's neck warm. With that all said - this one is MINE! No one gets it or even touches it!! LOL

I had some help on the Mohair, so I'm now just trying to decide on a pattern than will show it off in all it's glory. I knitted a little bit with it, and it feels really scratchy. Certainly not something I'd like for a sweater or anything like that. Maybe it will soften up after being washed? Right now it feels like someone took a boar's hair and spun it!!

Next on the needles is a Multidirectional Triangle Scarf by Iris Schreider. I joined her Multidirectional Knitting group and this was sent out to try when you posted your intro. I'm going to be knitting it in a brown/grey varigated Wool-Ease that I bought just for this project. DD eyeballed the yarn and tried to talk me into knitting her a pair of socks out of it - says she LOVES this color. Sorry sweetie - this is for the scarf. Maybe on the next run we'll get more :-)

I'm also ready to start Laura's Harry Potter Bookscarf. I have all the materials, and will have to get it started - since I've just started the book. The HP books have to go through the children before I can get to read it, but I have been known to sneak in their room after they go to sleep to get it. It hasn't happened this year though, because they have been going to sleep after I do! Man, I must be getting old!

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