Tuesday, August 16, 2005

OHH!! I got mail today! :-)

YES!! My order arrived today, and just in time to make DD's birthday on Saturday. I bought her the most wanted Teen Knitting Club book she's been asking for since we got it out at the library. I've never seen her so interested in a knitting book before. She's looked at the patterns and stated: that's ok - it's nice... but not any real interest in knitting. This book has spurred her to actually pick up needles and try all by herself! She was disappointed when I took the book back to the library.

Since it wasn't enough for free shipping, I HAD to buy a book for me. It's been so long since I purchased a knitting book that I had to really comb through my wish list to see what I'd really like. I decided on Sally Melville's "The Knit Stitch" figuring it would be well used by both DD as well as myself. I took her "The Purl Stitch" out of the library, and was very pleased with it. This was the sell on the first book - plus I really wanted to try the Einstein Coat I've heard so much about. I think her patterns are wonderful - making the basic garter stitch look very classy and certainly not a beginner's stitch. I think the book is very well written - and and she holds the attention of the reader with her love for knitting. To me, she is as interesting as Elizabeth Zimmermann with just as informative and useful projects. Although the pattern writing style is different, it is just as captivating to me.

I will be collecting all of Sally's books and look forward to all of the books in The Knitting Experience set.

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