Monday, October 17, 2005

First Kool-Aid Sock Finished + Another Online Knitting Mag!!

The Kool-Aid Sock is finished and not looking half bad. The kids don't like it and tell me the yarn is UGLY, but all in all, I'm very pleased. I did a striping on the toe, as I wasn't sure if I'd have enough of the Kool-Aid dyed yarn, giving the sock 3 different looks. In the round, the yarn pooled, turning on the heel created striping, and the toe ended up with a softer more pastel look. I really had fun not knowing how it would turn out and this was more like playing than anything else. Who would have guessed that making socks would be so much fun! LOL

I was reading through one of my lists, and found that there is another free online knitting magazine. This one is called MenKnit and I was very excited to see it published! Finally, a magazine devoted to knitting for men that actually has some designs in it that the men in our family would wear! I have a couple of patterns already printed out - one that is very appealing is the For Better or Worsted Cable Topped Socks that I'd like to try next. With the guys doing all kinds of outdoor activities all winter long, we really need worsted socks for them. I'm always thrilled to find another pattern in this weight.

This morning I started a small cross stitch freebie called Little Weathers - Chilly by Susan Aldrich from the Free Patterns section at CyberStitchers. Susan also has a yahoo group where you can find more of her designs and get some exclusive group freebies as well.

I'm planning on casting on the second Feather & Fan sock today and getting that finished up this week so that DD can have them to wear on Halloween. I also want to have it finished so I can start on the next sock in the Socks3KAL. I also would like to get started on the Mosaic Socks that they are working on in the 6 Sox KAL. Unfortunately, that one will be put on hold a bit while I get another pair of worsted weight socks done for DS. Hunting season is upon us, and one pair of socks just aren't enough.

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