Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Musings

I can't believe it's already Monday. I've been offline fighting phlebitis in my leg, and having a lot of time on my hands to be able to knit and read - and read and knit.

Saturday my Knit Picks order came in, and I'm very pleased with the colors and quality of the yarns - especially for the cost!

My order consisted of 3 skeins of Palette in Apricot purchased to make some fall-ish looking socks with, 2 Skeins of Simple Socks in Sweet Tarts for DD's next pair of socks, 2 skeins of Shadow - one in Grape Jelly and one in Jewels to be used for scarves, directions and wool for the Alpaca Hat using Wool of the Andes, and a bottle of Kookaburra Woolwash to try. With all that said, I'll probably get 2-3 pairs of socks, 2 scarves, and a hat for just a bit over $30!

I just had to cast on the new Apricot Palette. It was just so pretty and much richer than I had expected. I'm working on Feathers & Fan from Socks, Socks, Socks. I only have 3-1/2" completed on the leg, but it's gorgeous and I love working the lace pattern. I would have had more, but I found that I cannot work with music - or a beat. Someon on one of my lists said that you develop a rythmn when knitting lace, and if music is playing, you are doomed to mess up. I had no problems working the pattern, and watched TV and had a discussion with DH, but yesterday, the neighbor's son had his music on, and although all one could hear was the base and drums, it was enough to totally mess me up. I worked, and ripped, and worked and ripped. Finally gave up, and after the teen went on his merry way, I picked it back up, and had no problems working it! So.... my conclusion is, this woman knows what she's talking about! LOL

I'm almost done with the second of DH's boot socks! I only have the toe to do, and it's done! Soon to be a FO today! :-) I had some leftover Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool from the socks, so I decided to experiment and try doing the Kool-Aid Dyeing in Socks, Socks, Socks. Each of us picked a color of Kool-Aid to try, and then picked where we wanted the color on the skein to go. I'll warn you - that not only is the result, ummmmm - interesting..... but the colors didn't turn out like we each had thought. I picked grape for a purple, and it came out about like I had thought it would, but the kids were disappointed. DD picked a red that turned out more orange than red, and DS picked out the Bluedinie color that didn't mix up blue at all, but green. Hey - it was fun!! Our kitchen smells like a wet sheep that was dipped in vinegar flavored Kool-aid, and we might just have the ugliest yarn around, but we all had a great time :-) I'll be knitting this up for a pair of socks for me.

Next finished item was a mouse for our kitten. I saw Wendy Knits had directions for one posted, so I had to make sure to knit one up for our little baby. Yes, it was a big hit, but for some reason he was more impressed with the tail. However, as you can see, DH couldn't take it away - as he let it be known that it was his toy and he was keeping it!!! He wasn't letting go no matter what!!!

Saturday, the poor thing had to be taken to the vet's office. I noticed he was losing his balance and then started walking with his head cocked to one side - the same side he would lose his footing on. Uh-oh! I called and told the vet I thought it was an inner ear infection, although I'd never seen one in a cat before. Sure enough, after 2 shots of antibiotics, he came home with a bottle of pills that he has to take once a day. Poor, poor thing! We were told he won't be feeling so great for a bit, and the balance issue won't be totally corrected by the time we finish the pills, but it will in time. I can just imagine how much it hurts, and he's such a trooper. If it wasn't for his balance and head cocked, you'd never know he was sick!


Anastacia said...

Oh, your poor kitty! I can't imagine our baby Zorro going through that. Then again, he has enough health issues, but luckily they are pretty minor compared to an inner ear issue! Ouch!

tweezle said...

I know! I can't imagine being that much of a trooper! Sorry to hear about your baby - I hope he is doing well and the health issues are no longer a problem. Love the name Zorro! Would love to hear the story behind that! :-)

whatever said...

Your socks look great!! I have got to get these projects finished so I can begin the socks3KAL!!! Oh, my..u must try as much of knitpicks yarn as u can get your hands on...I LOVE it!! I started knitting last june and found out about them in Jan, I, love! KP published my socks in either july or aug...I did them in 'Dancing' this sock yarn, too!! I wonder which socks we will begin in Nov?!

tweezle said...

Thanks Becka! OOOHHH Congrats on the published socks. Which pattern is it? I'm looking forward to trying the other KP yarns - so far, I love using Palette. It's so pretty and feels so nice. Can't wait to try the others! I'm looking forward to the next sock - anxious to see what it will be. Which one would you like?