Friday, July 07, 2006

I LOVE Fridays!!

I've always loved Fridays. It was the ending of a week that held promise of something either fun or exciting would happen over the next day or two. As a child, it meant that we'd be going to my grandmother's farm, where I would spend my time exploring the woods, ponds, and fields. Then when I'd come in from a long, hard day of being in tune with nature, my grandmother would have the most wonderful food waiting to be eaten. Oh, the smells of that house!!! Nothing was as good as Grandma's cooking!! What I wouldn't give for one more of her meals.

Teen years promised dances, dates, school sports, and so many great times with friends. I don't think I sat still one moment during those years. Now, as a mom, my time is spent differently. Fridays promise a quiet night of knitting or cross stitching and watching episodes of Monk. The weekend is spent doing all the things we couldn't do or get finished during the week. It's still enjoyable and great family time, as it's time we all spend with DH. Sadly, he's been working quite a few weekends, so we see even less of him, making all of us look forward to Fridays so much more.

How Many Patterns?

So tell me, how many patterns are too many? Why do we need more when we have ones in our stash that aren't stitched yet? Designers complain that they don't sell enough to stay in business, but I know for a fact that almost every stitcher has patterns waiting to be stitched. How would that designer do if we all bought as we needed, instead of purchasing when we wanted? I know that I focus on a designer and collect all their designs knowing full well that I'll never stitch them all in my lifetime.

And socks!! How many sock patterns does one need? :-) I own all Dawn Brocco's Heels & Toes Gazettes, a couple of socks books, and tons of free patterns I got off the net. So why do I want more? I have an wish list that has lots of great books listed that I'd love to add to my library, including a couple more sock books. Do I use these all? Actually - yes. I haven't knitted them all yet, and may never get them all done, but I use them as resources. I'm always looking for the perfect heel pattern, and I get lots of ideas for technique. One little hint found in the directions of a pattern makes it worth owning another book!

Seasonal needlecrafts?

I rotate my needlecrafts depending on the weather. From January to about June, I pretty much do nothing but cross stitch. Then from about July on until December, I do mostly knitting and a few crochet projects thrown in here and there. After December, I relax and stitch things that I would love to do, but haven't been able to because of obligation stitching. I take my time and just focus on the enjoyment of doing anything that I'd like. DH considers XS as one of those crafts that don't serve any purpose (except keep me sane!) LOL

When we hit the summer months, I start thinking about the cool weather and what the kids and DH are going to need to keep warm. Now is the time that the sock needles come out. I adore the self-patterning yarns, and love seeing those socks grow! Then, there's all the mittens, hats and scarves that seem to want to be made as well. I don't know why I love doing all of those projects. Maybe it's because you can really explore color and texture, and never have to make the same item again. Maybe it's also the size - they're small enough to actually get done in a reasonable amount of time.

Wool Socks? Are you kidding?

DH was so against socks made from wool. He was NEVER going to wear a pair of wool socks. I told him it was OK with me. I made the first pair for my DS. He has always been so sensitive to fabrics and detergents, so he was the one to try them on. (I'm a mean, mean Mommie, aren't I?) DS LOVED them and asked for more. He didn't break out or itch, and that caught DH's attention. I made more for DS and then some for DD. They went nuts over the socks, telling me they didn't want store bought any more. Hmmmm - DH became really interested. Then I made DS his first pair of thick wool socks for wintertime. DS LOVED them and wanted more. DH couldn't stand it any longer and asked for a pair to try. I said that I couldn't do it, because he'd never wear wool... evil grin.... Hey - I had to rub it in. He'd do the same for me!!! LOL So, DH got his first pair, and now I have standing orders of thick socks for winter wear, and he's really wanting to try a thinner pair for normal wear now. I have a sock on the needles for him now, but ended up ripping them back to the cuff and reworking the pattern some.

We've gone from all things acrylic (I hate acrylic slipper socks - feet sweat something awful in them!) to almost everything wool. I still use acrylic for charity stitching - it's required for the premies and some of the shelters for the homeless. Otherwise, we use wool. Oh, not totally. I still use the acrylic for afghans. It wears like steel and the way kids abuse them and the amount of washing they go through, it's almost necessary :-)

Now off to work on my DS's sock. I have about an inch more to go, then I stop and wait to measure him tomorrow to make sure I can start the toe shaping.
Have a great Friday!!!

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