Sunday, July 16, 2006

We Have Baby Monarchs!!!

I've been growing butterfly weed that held no real attraction for the butterflies. A couple of years ago, I found a rogue milkweed plant in my flowerbed, and was thrilled to see it growing there. DH wanted me to pull the "weed" out, and I refused. Well, last year it bloomed and multiplied - having a second plant, and it was covered with all kinds of butterflies and bugs. It drew in so many insects and the hummingbirds loved it. It was wonderful watching all the lovely species that the plant supported. But no Monarchs - and no babies....

This year, the milkweed multiplied into 10 plants (I think some started from seed, some going over 6 feet tall! And the smell is wonderful!!! Then I noticed we had a few Monarchs visit. This morning I found 2 very tiny babies - about 1/8" of an inch!!! It will be so exciting watching their life cycle right in our own yard!


zoeandcooper said...

Oohh, I will have to suggest milkweed to my mom. She has had good luck attracting all kinds of butterflies with her butterfly bushes, but is always looking for new additions to the butterfly garden. Enjoy watcing them.

Karin said...

That must be fantastic viewing! Enjoy watchging the new garden additions!