Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Socks Seeking Mates

I sat down last night and made a nice long post including pictures..hit enter and "POOF!"... all gone :-( I had to choose the time that Blogger did their scheduled downtime. And what's worse is, I usually copy before I post. I didn't do that last night either. So, I'm trying again.....

I finished the first of DS's Opal socks on the 10th. It came out nicely. I scanned it, but as you can see, the thing is so big that it won't fit all the way on. They are for a size 12 foot, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will have enough yarn to finish the other. I've already started the second sock, so we will soon see.

I also finished the first of DD's socks yesterday. It was so much smaller and a nice quick knit next to DS's!! I used Knit Pick's Simple Stripe in Sunset, and I love the colors, but the yarn is not as soft as the Opal. I'm anxious to see how these wear, and if they soften any after a few washings.

I still need to cast on DD's second sock. I've found that knitting both DS's and DD's socks at the same time keep things much more interesting. I am anxious to get these off the needles so the kids can start wearing them.

I don't have much to report on my XS. I got a little more done on the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, but right now it looks like I'll be keeping to 1 square a month. I'm picking up a model stitching job and the design should be ready next month. It has a nice amount of time before it's due back, so it won't cut into my obligation stitching or the holiday. More than likely, though, I'll get it and won't be able to put it down until it's finished. :) However, at this point, lighting is an issue. My stitching light is broken, and I need to get another one to replace it. I do miss it!! That's probably another reason why I'm knitting now. I don't need the bright light I do for stitching.

DS had a great time at camp, but came back with a serious cold, as well as a great attitude!! That boy has changed and grown up quite a bit over the past week. I hope it stays that way, and I really hope that the same thing happens with DD.

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Karin said...

Fantastic socks! I love the colours :)