Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June Goals & Accomplishments and a Sock Start!!!

June seemed to fly for us. (But anymore, time itself seems to go by so quickly!) I did a few finishes and met some of my goals for this month.

June goals were:
Bent Creek February Snapper
LK - Cherish Dream Live
CSC - Aragorn
Dimensions - Hang In...
Mariquor Mystery Sampler Pt. 3
MLI - 2002 Christmas freebie
Mystery - catch up
SM - Covered Bridge Spring
TW - Under the Evergreen on Mondays

June accomplishments:
CSC - Aragorn finished
SM - Covered Bridge Spring finished
JN - Crystal Heart finished
Dimensions - Hang In... finished
CC - KBK In the Bag Dec. Monthly finished
LK - Cherish Dream Live finished
Mystery - completed 6 blocks
MLI - 2002 Christmas freebie 80% finished
CHS - Houses of Hawk Run Hollow started!!

The camera isn't available at the moment, so I scanned my mystery sampler in - just the new blocks that are done. These are blocks 8-15 (15 is started):

I started HoHRH and I'm on block #7. I've got quite a bit of the border done, about half of all the hills, the first of the four houses, and I've started the second one. I would love to keep working on the piece, but I have it on scroll rods, and it is huge, and in the way of everyone. This limits my time being able to stitch it. So I only have a little time in the morning. That's ok though, as it's a nice time to stitch - when I'm fresh and no one else is awake. It's just me, the beautiful fabric, and the most gorgeous silks. It's a piece of heaven every morning!!

It's also that time of year that I need to start thinking about socks and mittens. I started a pair of socks for DS using Opal Magik. I'm going to have to stop soon, as I'm getting close to where I really need to measure DS's feet to make sure he hasn't grown any. I'll have to wait until Saturday - when he comes home from summer camp.

DS wears a size 12 shoe, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have enough Opal to do both socks. I've considered going to the LYS to see if I can match an Opal Solid to do the toes (just in case!)

I have an order from Knitpicks that's on its way. According to the website, I should expect it on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it comes earlier. I bought some merino to make slipper socks a couple of extra in case DD wants a pair as well. If not, I'm going to use it for either socks or a diagonal scarf and mittens. Plus I purchased enough self-striping yarn to make 5 pairs of socks. That should keep me busy for a little bit.


Kat said...

Wow, I'm very impressed with all of your finished projects!! Good for you!

tweezle said...

Thanks, Kat!! :-)