Wednesday, September 07, 2005

2 FO's and 2 WIP's

For "hump day" I have 2 small XS FO's to post pics of. First is Lizzie Kate's "September Flip-It" from her first series. I stitched it on an unknown color of 28ct. evenweave using all the recommended threads. I've decided to leave the charm off, as it's just a bit too busy for my taste. I only have 2 more to do of this series.

Next is another Lizzie Kate design called "Land That I Love" that was done on 28ct. Sandcastle Jobelan. I used the recommended threads and used a dark country green star button instead of the sterling silver charm. Sorry, but that charm is just too much $$ for a design add-on. I really thought the sheep turned out sooooo cute - all fuzzy with the Rainbow Gallery Wisper.

Sock report: I'm on to the last inch of the second foot of the Iowa Cruise Socks I'm doing for DS. Not very much to go now. Maybe I'll finish them tonight if I'm not toooo tired :-)

I've finally taken a pic of my start on the Einstein Coat. I don't have a lot done, but I won't be progressing until I have DS, DD, and DH's socks done. They are getting first priority - as hunting season is just about upon us! I like the White Buffalo - it's such a nice yarn to work with. Sure wish that it hadn't been discontinued! I like how thick the fabric is, and I'm hoping for a nice warm coat.

And for my last pic, I've started Jackie E-S's Lace Sampler Scarf using Paton's Kroy in a very light pink, that I purchased from Smiley's Yarns a while back. I'm on the 3rd pattern and after ripping it, I've finally gotten it right. I still haven't learned how to pick up YO's correctly, but should be really good at it after this Sampler lesson!!! The scarf is going to be a really pretty piece when it's finished (even with my mistakes! LOL) I wanted to start a smaller practice lace project before I start my first lace shawl. I certainly didn't want to jump in with both feet and get discouraged. I'm between one of the two that were in the fall issue of Vogue Knitting, Jackie E-S's Triangles within Triangles or Fiber Trends Pacific Northwest Shawl. I have the materials for the last two, so I'm leaning towards one of them.

I've been debating on a knitting magazine for a while now. I've been trying out different magazines - using my 40% off coupon from JoAnn's to purchase them every once in a while. Nothing has been "moving" me enough to subscribe. That is, until I got the Premier issue of INKnitter's. I really was impressed with the first issue - so impressed that I decided to purchase the back issue package that was offered online. I want to subscribe as well, but after spending a huge amount of money on the kids' microscope, biology kit, disection kit, general science kit, and other odds and ends, I figured the CC smoked enough this month. Maybe next month.... Until then, I'll have a lot of good reading.

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