Friday, September 09, 2005

Iowa Cruise Socks are finished

And DS just loves them!!! He says they fit perfectly and is very pleased with how they turned out. Such music to a mother's ears :-) Let me tell you though, that boy has big feet so it takes some time to whip up socks for him. He's almost 6' tall with size 12 feet. The ribbing ended up being 8" and the total height of the sock measured about 13" from bottom of heel to top of ribbing.

Now it's on to a pair for DD. She's insisting I do the same type for her, but in a purple heather color. We'll be making them out of Plymouth Galway Colornep. I'm looking foward to these going much faster, since she's only 5'2".

The Sampler scarf is coming along nicely, now that I figured out what I was doing wrong on the lace pattern. I'm almost ready to move on to the next pattern. I want to do another repeat of the pattern I'm working on first.

My supply of worsted-weight wool for winter socks is getting low. I'm going to have to restock soon. I'm eyeballing the LB Fisherman's wool, as I've never tried it. Plus, I hear it's great to use for Kool-aid dying. I've never tried it with wool, but I've done some aida with it, and it came out nicely.

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