Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Death & Greed

Today we saw our family friend (M.) and DS's best friend's father buried. It still is a shock and such a tragedy. I just still can't believe it has happened.

Thurs. evening my brother just arrived home from work when he received a call from M.'s neighbor that M. was having difficulty breathing. My brother rushed right over and took him to the Dr.'s office. The Dr. said M. had pneumonia and wanted to admit him to the hospital. My brother stayed and M's family arrived not long after. Just a few short hours later, M. died. The Dr. found that M. had lung cancer as well as a few other complications. Looking back, I now wonder if M. knew he had it - things just seem to fall into place now with what had gone on in the last few months.

M. was a very well known and liked farmer that raised his son alone along with his aunt. The boy's mother has not had any contact with him in 5 years. Well, the son has inherited a beautiful farm and wants to run it and keep it going just like when his father was alive. He's about old enough, and with the right help and guidance, he's going to suceed very well!!

Not 5 minutes after M. died, there became a family discussion of liquidation of the farm - who's going to get the child and what should happen to everything. The boy's mother appears after 5 years and now there's an issue of guardianship - everyone wants him because he's worth $$ and is sitting on a goldmine. I sat back in horror as we have seen how greedy that family is! The only one that doesn't care about the money is the aunt that helped raise M's son, and one of the named guardians - who according to the lawyer (also a member of the family) was never named guardian. M told this guardian not long before he died that he had named him guardian if anything were to happen. He knew that this person would never take advantage of the child or his money, because the named guardian loved the child like one of his own.

Oh what an evil web that has been spun - and all over money. My heart breaks watching this going on in front of the boy. Yes, he's almost a man - 16 - but there's no reason why anyone should be doing this.

Lesson of the day - NEVER take legal matters to a lawyer that is related to you. NEVER!!!!

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