Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday- It's show and tell time...

Here it is, Tuesday already. Time just seems to keep going by so fast, and I'm not getting nearly as much done as I'd like. The house insists that it needs attention, as does the laundry, the kids, the schoolwork.... and the list just seems to go on and on. I thank the good Lord for my hobbies, as they keep me sane. They are the only things I do that don't get undone unless I rip them out. DH thinks I'm nuts when I tell him that, but he does appreciate how much will calm me when I've had a bad day :-)

When I get time, I read the lists I'm on and visit some of my favorite blogs, and just am stunned by how much people get done! My projects take a lot longer, and I don't get many big ones done. I have them in my rotation though, but they seem to take forever - sometimes even longer.

With that being said, I'm working on a vest for CIC with some wool that someone sent me. I didn't get gauge, so I ran a strand of fingering yarn with it, and it's coming out surprisingly nice. I'm not one that can put colors together and make something look good, so I'm very pleased with the progress on this one!! I took the pic a few nights ago, so I've had some progress since then. I now have the front done, and will soon be finishing up the back. I'm using the What's in My Pocket Vest pattern that Countrywool designed specifically for CIC. The CIC Knit group is doing a challenge for vests and sweaters and are trying to reach a goal. As far as I know the goal is at 300. I think that this goal will be reached and surpassed. The group members are so generous. Their needles just keep clicking out socks and whatever else is needed for the orphans in Russia.

DD's sock is coming along nicely - and much more quickly than DS's! I'm almost down to the toe shaping and am just too tired tonight to keep knitting, or I'd probably be able to make it to the grafting. I love the color of the yarn - the pic makes it a bit too purple, but you can't see the flecks of red, blue, green and yellow that are in it. The whitish dots that look like fuzz on the socks are a couple of the yellow flecks.

DD requested that I not make the sock as tall as what the directions called for. We decided to make them about an inch above where her hunting boots come on her leg. I told her she will probably want them even taller - especially out in the cold early mornings of December, but she wouldn't hear of it. She doesn't like her socks that high. We'll see if she changes her mind after this season.

I picked up a skein of Lion Brand's Fisherman's wool at JoAnn's yesterday. I used my 40% off coupon and it made it a very reasonable purchase! I should have enough for a pair of socks and then some!!! I promised myself that whatever is left will get dyed with Kool Aid.

I'm again on a stash diet. I just dumped a nice tidy sum of money in DS's microscope and lab equipment that he needs for this year. I knew it was coming, but was a bit more than I planned on. Plus DD needed some things for her science labs. Then the swimming lessons that are usually in the spring are being held this fall instead - so that was another surprise. It's enough to force me to only buy wool that is necessary for socks when the supply runs down, or when it's at a ridiculously low price, that I'd need my head examined not to buy it. I can't complain - it's not a huge sacrifice on my part, and the kids are always such a joy to watch when they are learning something new. But at the same time, it's so hard to go by all the neat yarns on the store shelf and not take just one home to play with it. Oh the sacrifices we make for the kids! LOL

I finally got my glasses back on Friday. It's only taken 7 weeks for them to get so I could wear them. Every time I'd wash the new ones off, the lenses would fracture! The store finally sent the frames to the lens manufacture and had them put them in. The lenses aren't getting cracks now, but they are 2 different colors. One has a green tint and the other a purple. So I went back yet again and asked why they were different - was there a problem with my vision that I didn't know about? Nope - it's just that the lenses must have been done out of 2 different lots. And I'd have to deal with it. They informed me that since it was just asthetic, they wouldn't send them back. So, I've paid almost $300 for glasses that took 7 weeks to get right, and now they don't crack, but I look like a dork - but only when one looks at me in certain ways (as the lady at the counter told me). At this point I'm just tired of messing around with them and will just look like a dork. Let me tell you though - I think I can now understand how someone can get to that point to make them go "postal" :-)

So on that note - a good night from the dork with the 2 color lenses. LOL


jan said...

Oh oh oh way would I pay $300 for glasses that I wasn't superbly happy with and I don't think you should would be like wearing a blue contact lens and a green one..attention getting but not practical. I'd ask for a full refund and go somewhere else and pay my $300 or even another eyewear facility. It seems they took the easy cop out..when you're the one who has to wear the I'm starting to get angry...goin not close your eyes to stuff like this (no pun intended). You're the important one here and you demand the best..or at least ask for the best or go elsewhere :) Love your projects and your blog :)

~drew emborsky~ said...

I still haven't tried knitting socks! Yours look fantastic!!