Friday, September 23, 2005

It's Hard Turning Down A Stitching Job

My LNS contacted me this morning asking if I would like to do a stitching job. She said a lady came in and brought a Thomas Kinkade embellishment kit of Lamplight Bridge that she wants stitched by the middle of next month. I am one that is known to do emergency stitching on tight deadlines, so they contacted me to see if I could do it. Oh man - the embellishment kits are said to be murder as the charts don't match the printed design. I really could use the extra cash though, but is it really worth it? We are doing a tight homeschool schedule, plus a day a week away while the kids take classes elsewhere. I could give a high quote and see if the lady still wants it stitched. That seems quite unfair though. I'm going to have a look at it tomorrow. It's already started (which means that I may have more problems there - fixing mistakes and all). It is so difficult to turn down a job - as the extra money is always nice and can certainly be used. At the same time, I'm really enjoying just knitting (with a little crochet project every now and then) and I don't know if I really want to put the enjoyment away for something I'm not going to relish doing.

Now about that enjoyment...

I finished DD's Iowa Cruise Socks this morning. I really enjoy doing socks and this makes the 10th pair I've finished. Certainly not enough to claim I know how to knit them yet, but enough to make my understanding of the construction better :-)

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Right after pulling these off the needle, I went back to the dwindling 4ply stash and looked for something appropriate for DH. I found some nice Bartlett Yarn, but it didn't knit to gauge. I needed 5-1/2 sts. to the inch and got 4. Tighter just didn't make the fabric I wanted for the socks. So DH is now getting a pair made out of Lion Brand Fisherman's wool (a cream color) and some Plymouth Galway in turquoise. I'm going to do 2 turquoise stripes in the ribbing as well as contrasting heel and toe. Yes, this will be my first time with color changes on the socks. Every sock I've knitted so far has been either a solid or self striping.

Another quick finish was a hat design by Dot Matthews called Ugly But Warm Hat or otherwise know as the UBW Hat. I used Red Heart in both black and camouflage. DS and his camouflage - I swear he'd have a whole wardrobe of it - oh and anything with Star Wars on it - so the perfect clothing item would be made of Star Wars camouflage :-)

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And here's DS in his "mug" shot. Yes - his sense of humor.......

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