Sunday, September 25, 2005

New LYS!!!

I have been going through withdrawls since the LYS closed. It wasn't like it was a great store - as it was dark and dingy and it seemed like everything I wanted wasn't there, but in the sister store - which ment that it would be ordered in and would be there sometime - but not when I wanted it. And sock yarn? HA! The shelf had just a couple of brands, and even less in different colors, and she wasn't getting any in. So, it really was no surprise when the store disappeared.

Well, Saturday, I got an idea and did a search on our nearest large town and found a listing for another store!!! Could it really be possible? I did more searching and found that the store had outgrown it's location and opened a new shop! I became so hopeful that I took down the new address and made sure we stopped before going to DH's father's for their cookout.

OMG! I was in heaven!!!! The store was not only easy to access, but it was bright and cheerful and was owned by a very nice woman and her help was just as nice!! Not only nice, but HELPFUL!! And inventory..... I was swooning! There was all types of yarn from high end to something that would fit my budget. I spent 45 minutes just fingering and petting the yarns as well as talking about knitting - and not just any knitting, but SOCK knitting! I was sure someone would come through that door and shake me just to wake me up from such a sweet dream. It has been so long since I was in a real yarn shop - one with great customer service and someone that knows my love for socks. Oh yes, it gets better - the one woman is a fellow Socknitter! Can it really get any better than this? :-) Yes, it does! There's even a Sock Knit-In on Tuesday nights! Hopefully I'll be able to make a couple - just such a trip with gas prices - but if I have something else to do on a Tuesday, I'm certainly going!!!!!

The only downside to the visit to the LYS was my budget. I did treat myself to a skein of Opal Magic 1036.


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