Thursday, January 11, 2007

50 Project Challenge

The challenge has been keeping me on track and helping me to focus on things that I started and put aside. The Cherub will soon be the 3rd finish off my WIP's list. I promised myself a few finishes off this list before starting something new. I really need to stick with this, as my WIP list has gotten way out of hand. It feels like a burden hanging over my head instead of a pleasure of having something to stitch.

No scan of the Cherub today. I don't think there's enough to really show any progress. I've got the background between the elbow and wings done and some of the wings and bow. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more to show. The wings on this little cherub are just beautiful!! The colors are so pretty. I've seen pictures of others in albums and on boards, but nothing compares to what it looks like in person!!

I have some gift $$ that I've been sitting on for some of the things on my wish list to go on sale, or maybe find a good deal on one of the boards. I found a couple of the things I'd been wanting, and have emailed to place an order. I emailed 2 days ago, and haven't heard anything, so emailed again. I've been noticing responses to posts on my lists to emails I never got. They are in the archives of the lists, but not in my email. My guess is that our ISP still hasn't resolved our email issue since they upgraded a couple of weeks ago. SIGH.... I hope the items are still available. If not, well... guess it wasn't supposed to be.

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